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EPOS Headset Australia

Audio Designed for Your Brain

EPOS Headset Australia: empower businesses around the world to better communicate and collaborate – anytime, anywhere and on any device. We use the most advanced audio and collaboration technologies to create solutions that are powerful, reliable, and easy to use.

We Hear with Our Ears, but Listen with Our Brain
EPOS Headset Australia
Solutions Proven to Improve Performance with EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology
EPOS Scientific research has been a key element in the development of audio solutions built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology and in recent scientific studies conducted by EPOS in the Centre for Applied Audiology Research at Oticon Headquarters in Denmark, researchers concluded the benefits of EPOS noise attenuation technology. By minimizing the brain effort spent on listening and understanding elements of a conversation we can help users unlock new levels of productivity and performance.

Premium Headsets for Profesional

Maximize Every Conversation: EPOS Professional Work Headsets ensure crystal-clear communication, offering unrivaled sound quality for seamless collaboration in any professional setting

Revolutionizing Open Office Communication

EPOS headsets deliver crystal-clear sound and superior noise-cancellation, allowing for uninterrupted communication and enhanced productivity. With a variety of wired, wireless and DECT solutions, our headsets cater to all business needs. From noisy open offices to important calls on-the-go, EPOS has got you covered.

Our Most Popular Headset

epos impact 1000 australia
epos impact 1000 australia
epos impact 1000 australia
epos impact 1000 australia

Stay Focused In the Open Offices With The Right Headsets


Stay focused with ANC that reduces background noise, helps you concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go. Ensure clear business calls with a solution optimized for UC and switch easily between devices as you multitask. Certified for Microsoft Teams.​

EPOS ADAPT 300​ australia
EPOS ADAPT 600 australia

Working on the Go Headsets

EPOS ADAPT 600 Series

Premium headsets for professionals on-the-go for focus and crystal-clear calls anywhere. The ADAPT 600 Series is designed to maximize focus and productivity at the office, at home or on the go. The headset is powered by EPOS AI™, a machine learning system that enables the headset to adapt to speech while studying the surrounding sound environment.

Contact Center Headsets


The IMPACT 600 is part of our extremely reliable wired range of headsets that keep you reliably on top of your working situation. Outstanding sound for perfect speech clarity with Ultra noise-cancelling microphone for perfect speech in noisy environments. Unleash your true potential in the workplace with an audio solution crafted for outstandingly clear communication.​

EPOS IMPACT 600 ​australia

Meeting Room Solutions

Everyone should feel seen adn heard. EPOS EXPAND line of audio and video devices empower employees to collaborate effectively, regardless of location or meeting room size

EPOS Meeting Room Solutions deliver on all fronts. Our video conferencing cameras provide razor sharp video, bringing you closer to remote colleagues. Our speakerphones and video bars are designed with unique algorithms and acoustics that deliver outstanding audio.

Experience EXPAND 20

epos expand 30 terrabyte

Communicate and collaborate

Enjoy instant teamwork anywhere with a plug-and-play speakerphone that delivers premium audio, flawless design and easy connectivity. Simply connect to your mobile, laptop or tablet and have your meeting where it suits you. ​


Epos EXPAND Capture terrabyte
epos EXPAND 30 terrabyte
Epos EXPAND Vision terrabyte
Epos EXPAND Vision terrabyte

EPOS Works with the Platforms You Use

Experience Seamless Meetings with Our Headsets: Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Designed for superior meeting
quality, ensuring every participant, whether in the room or remote, enjoys a hassle-free, high fidelity audio experience. 

Delivers Premium Audio and Video Solutions

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